PPSU Straw Bottles
PPSU Straw Bottles
PPSU Straw Bottles
PPSU Straw Bottles

PPSU Straw Bottles

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Straw Bottles made from eco-friendly materials. Designed another product for reinforce safety, health and environmental-friendly. PPUS – is a name of the plastic material which does not contains BPA in itself.


  • Made from eco-friendly & non-toxic materials
  • Designed with high quality materials
  • Keeping items clean and germ-free
  • Safe, healthy and environmental friendly to use
  • Protects straw with protective case
  • Durable and resist impact from falling/breaking
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Removable/replaceable straw
  • Easy to grasp / hold


Brand: Richell
 Shown as above
Item for: 7 months and onwards
Capacity: PPSU Straw Bottle 200 (200ml), PPSU Straw Bottle 260 (260ml), PPSU Straw Bottle 320 (320ml)
Material: PPSU / PP / Silicone Rubber
Package Contents: 1 x PPSU Straw Bottle

Sterilization Methods:
Boiling, Diswasherable


Setting up additional parts and replacements, each bottle finds new functions and longer lasting effect.
Straw Set (2pcs)
Straw Bottle Gasket (2pcs)